About us

"Shoot for the MOON, even if you miss, youll land among the stars."

Inspired by the mystery and luminescent beauty of stars and named after Bendis, the goddess of moon in Greek mythology; our brand is shaped by the enchanting touches of its designer Beril Çatay…

Founded in 2013, Bendis produces exclusive collections that reflect the independent and strong spirit of modern women while making them feel happy and special by livening its designs up using the harmonious combination of bold and contrasting elements.

Bendis adapts the mystical and fabled energy of its own cultural habitat to the modern fashion world by blending it with its timeless design language and peculiar handmade craftsmanship.

Also favored by many of the most famous TV stars/celebrities, Bendis has created a brand new prestigious brand called BENDIS ATELIER, which specializes in the craftsmanship of even more exclusive and limited pieces using some of the most precious natural gems and minerals which require a longer process to produce. Bendis Atelier now continues to produce extraordinary pieces with incredible attention to detail.

May you glow forever…

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